If your hand or upper limb injury is the result of an accident, whether it be at work, home or play we can treat you either under ACC or an insurance group such as Work Aon. If non accident related we can treat you under your private insurance or the Hospital contract, if you have been seen by a specialist at either North Shore Hospital or Waitakere Hospital.

  1. ACC - The current Hand Therapy service with ACC allows 50 initial treatments and all splinting costs are covered free of charge. Treatment is free except for the first visit where there is a one off $45 surcharge. The ACC paper work can be done by your Hand Therapist or if you have already been registered with ACC for your injury by a doctor or other therapist we can treat you on this number. This has to be done within a year of your injury occurring.

  2. Private - Some medical insurance policies will cover Hand Therapy or Physiotherapy. Private visits are $100 for the first visit and $90 for followup visits with the Hand Therapist.

  3. Hospital Contract - If you have surgery at North Shore or Waitakere Hospital, and it is non-ACC we can manage your post-operative rehabilitation free of charge.

 Hand Therapy Cancellation Policy:

 We appreciate early notification for cancellation of an appointment. If cancellation is made prior to 24 hours before scheduled start time there is no fee to pay. If cancellation is made within 24 hours we reserve the right to charge a late fee of $30. Consideration is given to special circumstances.

Injuries we can treat:

  • Trauma: fractures, subluxations, dislocations, sprains, lacerations, tendons/nerves injuries and repairs, crush injuries, burns, amputations, replantations .

  • Sports Injuries of the thumb, fingers, hand, wrist, elbow and forearm.

  • Post operative Hand Surgery: i.e. Dupuytrens, joint replacements, repairs and reconstructions of tendon and nerves.

  • Arthritic conditions of the elbow, hand, thumb and fingers. Osteo Arthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis.

  • Paediatric hand conditions.

  • Overuse injuries and work related injuries.

Treatments provided

Splinting to protect healing tissue or stretch tight tissue:

  • Individually made thermoplastic splints for specific conditions and requirements.

  • A variety of soft splints as required for protection of the injured area.

  • Fiberglass and soft casts.

Management of swelling and pain:
Education, Strapping, Support, Acupuncture.

Encourage early movement:
Educate on appropriate early movements to prevent unnecessary stiffness.

Restore movement:
Educate on appropriate exercises to increase movement at the correct time of healing.
Manual therapy to aid joint movements.

Restore strength and function:
Educate client through a graduated strength programme incorporating; endurance, strength, power and proprioception. These are related to specific tasks required by each individual client. Specific sports tailored programmes can be liaised with coaches as required.

Prevent further injury/trauma:
Education is an important part of our treatment management. Advice on task modification and equipment available to help use the hand and upper arm in an improved way.